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Probably one of the fastest-growing movements today is veganism.

And while most people think that to be vegan is all about diet, it is actually a lifestyle, seeking to exclude the use of any animal and its by-products where possible.

This means that vegans not only refrain from eating animals, they also avoid wearing them in the form of textiles. And in the apparel industry, the latest boom of animal-free fashion like the eco-vegan shoes offered by Wills Vegan Shoes provides a great alternative for vegans.


What are some great examples of vegan materials?


Sustainable living is what every vegan looks for. With that said, the arrival of vegan-friendly and sustainable materials has been a huge benefit for them.

Some of the most common vegan materials include:

  1. Organic Cotton

Organic cotton

Even though cotton is biodegradable and natural, non-sustainably grown cotton happens to be one of the most environmentally-demanding crops in the world. To grow conventional cotton, a large number of pesticides and insecticides are used, not to mention that a great amount of water is needed for it to grow.

With all the strain it places on Mother Earth, organic cotton is taking over. This kind of cotton is grown without the use of chemicals. And although it comes with a higher price tag, it is totally worth it when you get to save the world, right?

Shirts, caps, shorts, socks, pants and tote bags are all commonly made from and widely available in organic cotton.


      2. Vegan Leathers


          As seen in Wills Vegan Shoes, vegan leathers come in several different qualities and forms and are versatile in the way they can be printed, died, and embossed.

          In general, vegan leather is not much different from animal-based leather. Additionally, as it doesn’t “age” or weather like animal-based leather, you don’t have to worry about it degrading or changing appearance as quickly. In addition, bio-based leathers, such as pineapple leather, are being developed and are manufactured from the leftover leaves of pineapples or other entirely biodegradable raw materials.

          These materials are most often used in manufacturing vegan walking boots, bags, wallets, vegan men’s shoes, and jackets.


          3. Bamboo


          Perhaps one of the most sustainable sources available, bamboo is entirely biodegradable and fast-growing. It grows at least a foot per day. Bamboo as a material requires no chemical modification, thanks to its natural enzymes that allow the bamboo to break into a pulp.

          Bamboo materials are most commonly used to manufacture reusable bottles like the ones from KindLiving Supermarket as well as bamboo baby clothes and mattresses.


          How durable are vegan and plant-based fabrics?

          With all the great benefits of vegan products to you and to the environment, comes the next question:

          Are they actually durable?

          Well, the answer is yes!

          Many plant-derived and vegan materials are as durable as animal-based ones like organic cotton materials as well as those made of reusable wood and bamboo.

          As you want to be sure the vegan leather used to make women’s’ waterproof hiking boots will be durable enough to hold up to rain and weather, the fact that they are environmentally-friendly and much more sustainable makes it definitely worthy to switch to.

          Why is durability important in the products you choose?

          Regardless of what product you are planning to buy, durability is always a key consideration.

          Durable products, especially in terms of buying shoes, mean that it is more economical, as they will not have to be replaced as quickly as low-quality, cheap products.

          Although durable vegan products like Wills Vegan Shoes can be a bit more expensive, the initial cost instantly balances out in the long term. The less durable and cheaper products tend to break more quickly, meaning replacement and repair costs can rapidly ramp up, making it more costly.

          Additionally, durable vegan products and materials are much more environmentally-friendly and sustainable. While vegan shoe products are already eco-friendly and sustainable right off the bat, if they are also durable and sturdy that they last for longer, the environment has more time in recovering the materials used in order to make it.

          Spreading the message on the durability and quality of vegan products

          Now, as someone who wishes to tell the world the awesome benefits of promoting a vegan lifestyle, how can you convey what you just read?

          Well, you can join Vegan community groups or work with vegan influencers. You can make strategy calls about the benefits of vegan products. You can also use blogging and social media to communicate the benefits of vegan products with others.

          Lastly, the most convenient way to spread the message of vegan products’ quality and durability is to flaunt it yourself. Wear organic cotton clothing, put on men’s vegan trainers, or accessorize with cruelty-free and ethically-made jewelry.

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