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Beauty Challenge: Transform Your Skin Routine

Here’s a fact: if the world went vegan, more than 8 million lives will be saved by 2050. Greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced by two thirds, and savings related to healthcare will reach $1.5 trillion.

While much of the world is still thinking about switching to the vegan lifestyle, more people are already embracing this trend after discovering all its benefits not only to their health but also to the world. This also started campaigns like the Veganuary Challenge.

The Veganuary Challenge

Veganuary is a non-profit organization in the UK that challenges people to go vegan for the entire month of January so they could learn more about the vegan lifestyle and its benefits. The challenge that began in 2014 has now doubled in participation. Those who want to join the Veganuary crowdfunded campaign will need to sign up online and they will be given a “vegan starter kit” with product directories and restaurant guides.

But if you think about it, as veganism is not merely a diet change - it’s a lifestyle change - this challenge should also include your skin routine so you can really feel the benefits of becoming vegan both in and outside your body. This is why a new trend is now popping up where consumers use only vegan products like a tea tree toner, vegan hand wash, and vegan body wash for a month to see its benefits of their skin. You can also embrace the same trend to reap the benefits, while making more conscious choices for the animals well-being.

Benefits of natural skincare and beauty

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You’ll never run out of options for skincare and beauty products on the market. But the truth is, a lot of these conventional options actually do more harm than good to your skin and the environment. Thus, it’s very important to read the labels properly and choose natural skincare and beauty products for their benefits, such as:

Your skin will look and feel a lot softer. While most conventional products add drying agents to lip balms, conditioners, and even moisturisers, natural products like a tea tree toner are generally sulfate-free so your skin feels softer. 

You can avoid irritation. Natural skincare and beauty products are free from chemicals, fillers, and artificial colours that work against your skin. This will help you avoid irritation and other strange side effects.

You can help save the environment. While regular products are manufactured using heavy chemicals that are scattered into the air and water, natural skincare and beauty products use ingredients that have no negative impact to the environment.

You can save a lot of money. Organic and natural products don’t contain fancy ingredients that can only harm the skin, which makes them cheaper than their counterparts. If you think about it, you’ll be saving more money for the long run. 

Check your skincare products and look for ingredients that are harmful to the skin. You may not know it, but you probably have been using these products and could have already started harming your skin and the environment without you knowing it. Change the way you take care of your skin by participating in events like Veganuary and purchasing all-natural, eco-friendly products like Zao Makeup. You’ll thank yourself later.

Achieving youthful skin through healthy lifestyle


The Veganuary Challenge is actually more beneficial than you could imagine because aside from keeping you healthy, it also allows you to enjoy more youthful skin. When you practice good habits like drinking more water, using a natural tea tree toner, and eating vegan food, you’ll instantly notice that your skin is softer and healthier.

Another amazing activity you can do to start your healthy lifestyle is exercise. Without a doubt, exercising every day keeps you at your peak and improves your health in so many ways. Here are other benefits of exercise: 

  • Helps you manage your weight
  • Helps improve your insulin and blood sugar levels 
  • Helps increase your mood levels and reduce stress

There are forms of exercise that don’t even require going to the gym, including brisk walking, jogging, climbing, the stairs, playing basketball or tennis, and so much more. Many people opt for biking as it is fun while being beneficial. You can either purchase your own bike and gear or rent from a bike service in Austin or another major city, even when you’re traveling or on vacation. Bicycling is a great and eco-friendly way to tour a city!

 At the end of the day, a simple decision to embrace a healthier lifestyle, whether you want to go fully vegan or not, can do a lot to transform your skin, your health and ultimately, your life.


Thanks to KindLiving Supermarket, this article is sponsored by the vegan marketers at www.ardorseo.com, who wish to help everyone make more earth-friendly and compassionate choices in their daily lives.


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