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Hello, kind living crew!

After pretty boring summer hols (read: spent over computer working on my dissertation), we went on a couple of days trip to the Netherlands. And Amsterdam didn't disappoint! What great positive vibes in the city full of happy people (it may be because they are constantly filled with endorphins after cycling basically everywhere!).

We went there at the end of September so the weather was still very good, quite sunny almost every day of our visit. 

Amsterdam river


We were not very cultured tourists there and skipped the museums this time. I'm sure we will visit some of the most famous ones when we go back. But they have a museum of everything in Amsterdam. There was even a museum of the Bible at the airport! Or was it a joke, heheh?!

Instead, we ventured into different parts of the city, walking most of the time, sat in cute little cafes and did lots of people watching - my favourite activity :-) I loved the architecture there, so many grand buildings. And, as people do not really use curtains in the evenings, I really enjoyed looking into their flats. I know, a bit weird, but so good to see how locals live. To me, they are one trendy nation! 

One evening we visited the red district, hmmm... Quite kitsch, to be honest, but "de gustibus...."

The best part of our trip was renting bikes and venturing outside of the city - to the north. A few miles and you are in a beautiful Dutch countryside. All day in the nature and with our fellow animals put us in a great mood. 


Well, we were not very healthy vegans there, as we found Vegan Junk Food Bar (https://www.veganjunkfoodbar.com) and ate there a few times it was soon good.

We also had a great brunch at Beter and Leuk (https://www.happycow.net/reviews/beter-en-leuk-amsterdam-37875).

Coffee and Coconuts (http://coffeeandcoconuts.com) is a must stop for a coffee and cake.

And if you just want a quick coffee, Bagels and Beans (https://www.bagelsbeans.nl/nl) has quite a few plant based milks and vegan desserts, too. 

All in all, Amsterdam is a perfect gateway for few days. We are planning to get back to the Netherlands and drive around - my favourite way of getting to know a country :-)


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