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When we had a few days off we decided to go somewhere not too far, and depending on the prices of the flights... Bergen popped out with return tickets cheaper than a daily travel card in London. We jumped on it, booked the tickets and started planning our long weekend. Our joy kind of deflated when we checked the prices of accommodation in Bergen. Not a big city at all, but in Norway! Where everything is flipping expensive. So, be more sensible that we were and check flights, but also accommodation and living costs of the places you are going to visit :-). Costs aside, Bergen and surroundings are simply stunning. Powerful waterfalls, rough cliffs and just vast areas of unspoilt nature made us forget that it was constantly raining. People are friendly, food is good, driving around non problematic. And lots to do in a couple of days - ferry trip with a stopover for Norwegian whisky ;-), sightseeing fjords, going on a spectacular train ride, or simply wandering around cute streets of Bergen. We fell in love with Norway and planning to drive from its very top down one day!

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