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I've always been 'either or' person, meaning if I'm into something, I'll do anything to give it my 100%. 

With veganism it's been slightly different, at least in the sense that it was not a sudden transformation. I didn't become vegan overnight. But the more I was thinking about life, animals, health and our planet, the more rigorous my diet was becoming... And it's still going in that direction. Whenever I see a farm animal I can't help but think how cruel we - humans really are. How hypocritical when we love our cats and dogs but eat other animals. Eat, kill, torture... 

"You are not doing it yourself", people say to me. Great! But I'm paying others to do it! It's even worse. 

OK, I get it that not everybody sees it this way. I couldn't see it either for such a long time. For such a long time animals were nothing but a product to me. But once I started exploring food industry, I wanted to learn more and take action by addressing my own food choices . What I can't stand is people telling me to stop 'going on about it' because they just don't want to hear about it, they don't want to know. Yes, I may be annoying (but trying really hard to limit my 'sharing knowledge and inquisitive questions :)'), but shutting yourself down and not wanting to find out the truth is beyond my understanding... 

And finally, lots of my friends keep saying veganism is a matter of opinion. How? Producing lives only to kill them and torture is a matter of opinion?! Bulshit, that's my opinion on it!

So, please, listen, read, find out more and then decide in your own conscience what you want to do. 

I'm far from being perfect and constantly make mistakes, but every time I do, I analyse it and see what I can do not to do it next time. Not to buy that material, not to order that type of food, etc. 

Veganism is not about perfection but striving to be a better human, with a clear conscience and respect for all living and feeling creatures. We have a most developed brain, time to use it better... A note to myself :) 

ginger cat

You wouldn't eat me, so don't eat my other animal brothers - Simba.


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