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When people hear the word 'vegan', the first thing that comes to mind is food and diet. But it is so much more than that. It's a lifestyle choice that aims to protect animals by avoiding all kinds of animal products.


So aside from eating vegan food, you can also start patronising businesses that make vegan clothes. There are many vegan clothing UK companies that offer cruelty-free clothing, shoes, and even accessories.


Obviously, you don't eat your clothes. So, what does vegan clothing mean?


When we say vegan clothing, we are talking about garments made from materials free from any animal product. But how do you know if the clothes you are buying are vegan? Well, for starters, you should avoid animal-based leather, silk, fur, feathers, cashmere, suede, wool, and any other animal skin that has been turned into textiles.


Some examples of vegan fabrics that you may want to consider adding in your wardrobe are acrylic, bamboo, microfiber, hemp, nylon, polyester, denim, and cotton.


However, just because the clothing is made from one of these fabrics doesn't mean that it doesn't have an animal product hiding in there somewhere. Make sure to carefully read the label of the clothes you are planning to buy. For example, some manufacturers use animal-based glue in the seams, so purchasing from a vegan company is the best choice.


If you are buying online, it will be harder to verify if you are purchasing 100% vegan clothing. So, buy only from trustworthy online shops that are known for selling legitimate vegan clothing brands, such as Ethcs clothing.


Qualities of vegan cotton


Aside from keeping us healthy, veganism discourages the use and consumption of animal products to help protect the environment. That's why veganism and organic products work hand in hand.


When we say vegan and organic cotton, we mean cotton that is grown and manufactured using materials and methods with as little impact on the environment. The best vegan clothing UK companies know exactly what they are doing and where their textiles come from, which is why they produce only high-quality products.


Some of the characteristics of vegan, organic cotton include the following:


  • It is natural, untreated with harmful chemicals, and is GMO-free.
  • It has natural wicking properties, making it useful in textile production. Plus, it has the ability to absorb dye colour and stabilise other eco-fibers.
  • It retains or replenishes the health and moisture of the soil.
  • It has anti-allergenic properties.
  • Vegan cotton has a characteristic smoothness and is lightweight, which makes it drape to the body in a flattering manner. It has the feel similar to linen.


Top reasons why vegan plant-based textiles are better than animal-based textiles


Vegan fabrics are better than animal-based textiles for many reasons.


For starters, it's better for the environment. Many would have you believe that animal-based leather production is eco-friendly because it’s a byproduct of the meat industry. But turning skin into leather requires a significant amount of energy, as well as dangerous chemicals like coal-tar derivatives, formaldehyde, mineral salts, and other harmful chemicals, so this isn’t necessarily true.


Additionally, the dyes on clothing are meant to be a stable design on the garment. But it can lose its chemical stability when it starts to fade or change colour after a few washes. The chemicals in these dyes can cause a variety of health conditions, such as headaches, rashes, and a whole lot more. Vegan t-shirts UK brands make don't make use of these toxic chemicals. So, they are better for the environment and our health.

Another point to consider is that traditional cotton crops are considered as one of the worst crops for the planet. This is because it uses a lot of pesticides and insecticides. Today, Uzbekistan is the fifth largest producer of cotton in the world. They also use one of the most water-intensive and wasteful cotton farming systems, leading to the slow draining and destruction of the Aral Sea's ecosystems. This is another reason why you should aim to purchase organic textiles over non-organic.


Promoting veganism through what you wear

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There are many ways we can do to help our environment. One of them is by embracing veganism. But do take note that veganism is so much more than what we eat. It encompasses a lot more than that—including the clothes we wear.

What better way to show your beliefs and advocacy than by wearing them, right? So aside from supporting a food donation charity that offers plant-based foods to communities in need, you can also start supporting cruelty-free, vegan clothing UK brands.

This content is presented to you by the team of expert vegan marketers at Ardor SEO, who wish to spread the word about veganism and its positive effect on our health and the environment. If you want to learn more about living a vegan lifestyle through your personal and business life, you can contact us to try it out here.



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