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It was our first time travelling so far  - two flight of about 11/12h each to reach this paradise on earth as we’ve often heard people describing New Zealand.

Then, another flight to reach the south island, renting a car and finally starting the journey across the country. With the temperature and humidity changing so quickly due to the distances covered, I knew that my skin would need some serious help! I decided to go make up free during the flights and hydrate it as often as possible. A little rose water spray helped a lot, even just water whenever I forgot to take the spray with me when going to the bathrooms at camp sites, etc. or it got lost when packing and repacking everything in our  mini campervan. However, at least twice a day I was using Buddha Beauty Rose defence facial moisturiser with Coenzyme 10 and I have to say it was a game changer in terms of keeping my face refreshed*.


We had travelled quite a bit and every time I tried to pay attention to what I put on my face during long flights as well as in climates that our bodies were not that used to, e.g. in Jordan, Morocco or Peru. Whatever creams I used I was coming back home with dry patches on my face and neck. This time my face stayed well hydrated and looked much more relaxed than after any other trip!

As I always have a problem with my skin on my hands as well, apart from the facial moisturiser I decided to purchase a hand cream or rather, as Buddha Beauty calls it themselves, hand butter. Orange and Jasmine was the smell I went for.


A great size of this hand butter meant I could use it long after the trip was finished, a good couple of months! I was so happy with the product, the skin on my hands was never strained or dry.

I know that these two products will be my travel essentials on many more trips.  They are not in many mainstream shops, that is why we are so happy we can spread the word about this amazing quality products on our website. But don't blindly take my word for it, try it yourself and let us know what you think! For our blog readers we have a unique discount code for Buddha products, do get in touch to receive yours. Follow us on Instagram (@kindlivingsupermarket) and email us at hello@kindlivingsupermarket.com with the title kindliving travel essentials confirming your IG profile and we’ll personally reply to each of you.

See you all in the emails and IG :-)


 *All the Buddha Beauty products referred to in this blog post were bought by myself at full price before the trip.


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