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 Baby Powder Soy Candle

Fact: nothing’s worse than coming home to a smelly space. It can affect our mood and even work performance!

Fortunately, there’s a shortcut: light a turmeric mandarin soy candle, and everything will smell way better than before.


Using soy candles as an alternative to paraffin candles


Soy candles are made from soybean oil and essential oils are added for scent.


A process known as hydrogenation helps convert the beans into wax. In this method, high temperature and a catalyst will transform double-bond fats into single-band ones.


In other words, this type of oil is trans fat. In this situation, you don’t have to worry about trans fats, as you’re not going to ingest it.


Soy wax is less solid than other materials for making candles, such as paraffin wax. That’s why it’s more ideal for being put into candle containers rather than formed into pillar candles.


Nevertheless, it is so much better than paraffin in many different ways:


  1. It can be vegan—A vegan lifestyle isn’t limited to what we eat. It also affects your personal choices for clothing and home decor. This turmeric mandarin soy candle is 100% vegan. This means it doesn’t contain animal-based additives that harm animals and can potentially harm your health as well.


Much of the controversy surrounding soybeans is they’re possibly GMO (genetically modified organisms). Many manufacturers today, though, are transparent about where their soy comes from and will advertise on the package whether it’s GMO or not.


  1. It is economical—Soy candles tend to be more expensive than paraffin, as you’re buying a premium product. But they are just as economical and can remain lit as long as paraffin wax candles since they burn slowly.


Paraffin wax candles release soot when burned that can damage the walls, ceiling, and be inhaled. Soy wax candles don’t do this.


  1. It is safer to use and produce—Soy wax candles have a melting point that is low, so even if you accidentally spill some wax on your skin, it hurts significantly less.


What if you spill it on your clothes or kitchen table runner? You’ll find removing soy wax easier than paraffin wax.


Switching to healthier, all-natural home products

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Using soy wax candles over paraffin is also one small but crucial step to making your home a safer place for everyone. Here’s why:


  1. Many home products contain VOCs and chemicals.


VOC stands for volatile organic compounds. These are substances in products such as paint, conventional house cleaners, and paraffin wax candles.

Being exposed to them is similar to inhaling chemicals from cigarettes. It can lead to side effects such as:


  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Recurring respiratory infections
  • Allergies


Long-term exposure, meanwhile, may increase your risk of cancer. In fact, in a report at the Stanford University website, paraffin candles release carcinogens such as benzene and toluene.


Toluene, in particular, can stimulate the breakdown of DNA, and these changes in the DNA structure can affect the nervous system. They may also induce the formation of cancer cells.


  1. Cleaner products help improve indoor air quality.


One of the biggest advantages of soybean wax is it doesn’t produce soot, which can pollute the air.


Soot and smoke can reduce indoor air quality. This problem may be especially harmful to women. It can increase the risk of lung cancer, according to a 2005 Indian study.

They are also harmful to children, who are prone to developing allergic reactions and asthma. Since they don’t have a stronger immune system like adult’s, they may be less likely to fight respiratory infections well.


  1. All-natural home products are more sustainable.


This turmeric mandarin soy wax candle and other vegan products are friendlier to the environment. They don’t contribute to pollution once they reach their service or shelf life.


They are less likely to use resources such as water, land, and energy that generate carbon emissions. You can also protect the animals by not harming the earth and their natural habitat as much as the extraction of materials needed to create paraffin wax do.


Healthy lifestyle trends that are making waves today


Besides lighting soy wax candles, you can keep yourself and your loved ones healthier with these popular trends:


  • Hiking or walking to immerse yourself with nature and burn calories (don’t forget your travel essentials!)
  • Taking a bike (check out this bike store online) or public commuting instead of driving a vehicle
  • Following a plant-based diet
  • Buying organic whenever you can
  • Supporting local farmers
  • Growing a food garden and eating most of your food from it
  • Ditching food packaging and single-use plastic for reusable containers and bags
  • Cooking simple recipes using whole plant foods


Buying soy wax candles isn’t just about going luxe. It’s about embracing a healthier lifestyle that also helps protect the environment.

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