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When it comes to shoes for the outdoors, you may be already familiar with trail shoes, running shoes, hiking shoes/boots, backpacking shoes, and mountaineering shoes. All of these types of shoes refer to different specs, shapes, functionalities, and purposes. Hiking shoes have become the most popular one, based on the multiple aspects experienced by diverse outdoor wearers.

Today, you can find a range of hiking shoes available on the market, but did you know they also come in vegan versions. At this point, vegan hiking boots or shoes are slowly gaining an advantage over their traditional non-vegan counterparts due to valid reasons.

Let’s discuss the differences between non-vegan and vegan shoes and figure out which is the best for hiking.


What is non-vegan about hiking shoes?


Traditional hiking shoes are products created from materials that are sourced from animals. These materials include leather, wool, fur, shearling, and so forth. Animal leather is usually taken from animals such as cows, sheep, or pigs, but some shoes may also use skins of endangered species or dogs and cats. Some people may argue that these features can’t be replicated with the use of alternative materials, but today we’ve seen the opposite to be true.

Animal-based materials have been used all throughout history. But while non-vegan shoes are known for their durability, they also come with many issues. Products made from the skins, fur, or wool of animals inherently include cruelty to animals, as animals lives are taken, or they’re put in stressful situations in order to obtain their skins. Leather is not necessarily an industry byproduct as some might claim, as certain types of cows are raised and killed to make leather, for example.


How can you find vegan shoes that are good for the outdoors and hiking?


The use of vegan materials, like canvas, cotton, or leather alternatives, was first embraced by manufacturers of casual shoes and some models of indoor shoes. These materials are derived from plants or created through synthetics.

Today, you can find a lot of vegan hiking boots on the market. With current tech developments, vegan leathers are not only providing comfort, but they’re also durable enough to be used for outdoor shoes.

Vegan shoes come as superb alternatives to non-vegan shoes, and the demand has grown significantly in these past years. Many manufacturers or e-commerce sites, like KindLiving Supermarket, are now committed to raising awareness on environmental issues. They offer eco-vegan hiking shoes produced through a manufacturing process that drastically reduces their environmental impact.


What sorts of hiking and outdoor shoes does KindLiving Supermarket offer?


KindLiving Supermarket offers various designs of vegan hiking shoes and boots, and the All-Terrain Pro Waterproof Hiker has been our leading vegan and cruelty-free hiking boot available on our shop. As the name suggests, these boots are completely waterproof with heavy-duty specs. You can conveniently wear them on all terrains and any weather thanks to their high-tech construction breathable upper. The insoles can also be changed.

For a more casual option, we have the Easy Walker Boot. If you’re looking for a pair of lighter boots, that are still reliable for walking or working, this may be your best option. It’s completely vegan and cruelty-free, and is made of comfortable materials. The anti-slip outsole goes beyond the European SRC standards to keep you safe during any climate and weather.

We also have women’s waterproof hiking boots from Will’s Vegan Shoes, which are produced using a carbon-neutral process. These boots are not only waterproof, but they also feature ballistic welded construction. If you’re looking for a pair of durable and stable boots for women, this may be your best choice.


Shop for vegan hiking shoes now

Hiking boots are undoubtedly among the best types of outdoor shoes that you can have. Today, the vegan versions have gained popularity, where more and more people choose them for their equally good quality, functionality, and comfort. These shoes are a great alternative to traditional leather-based shows, considering that they are cruelty-free and much better for the environment.

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