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As this is my first post about diet, I would like to let you know what caused me to to look at my eating habits more deeply.

I have always had digestion problems, but they never were an issue until I hit 30! Even though still feeling like a kid in my mind, my body started giving me hints that I wasn't a teenager anymore :-( My gut issues developed into umbilical hernia, which needed to be operated on. Nothing serious, I know, but in order to prevent anything worse developing I decided to change my lifestyle - exercise more and eat better. And so I did... for a few months I was a walking example of a well balanced diet and exercise. But when I got bored I would come back to binge eating and the vicious circle carried on. I needed a different type of motivation. And it came with the adoption of Simba, our cat :-)

cat, ginger cat

He made us think more about animals, about the fact that we keep cats and dogs as pets, but in other countries, e.g. South Korea they would be eaten just like we eat pork, lamb or beef here. So it's more a matter of culture. Slowly turning into a vegetarian I also noticed my digestion symptoms improved. I later read digesting meat can take up to three days for people with slow metabolism, hey ho! Exploring food blogs for vegetarians, I was more often coming across vegan food. Ditching dairy helped my skin a lot! And of course all was in line with learning more about the dairy industry, its impact on our planet, well being of animals, etc. All seemed to fall into place. And here I am an imperfect vegan. Imperfect, as when travelling, or even eating out, I struggle to always find vegan places. Imperfect, as I am only learning what clothes, shoes, etc. not to wear so that I don't support those that use animals to make money... But, all in all, I am happy that I am on this road, that I am becoming more aware of what's really going on in the world. And my health issues are not a problem any more. Things can only get better :-) To be continued... 


I wrote the blog post about 2 years ago and now, 2 years later, I can say that travelling vegan and buying vegan only products has become the norm. Moreover, we do not only look for vegan products, but also look into how they are made, taking into account humans and the planet as well as the animals. It's such a great journey that has now led us to establishing KindLivingSupermarket (www.kindlivingsupermarket.com) - a place we have dreamed of for a long time when searching for cruelty-free products that would be ethically made and supportive of small businesses, a hub where any conscious consumer can safely shop for necessary items knowing they have as little impact on the planet as possible.

I can't wait for what the future holds, but enjoy the ride so much! It can only get better. A kind, cruelty-free world is possible :-) 


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