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We have been very quiet here on the blog for the last year, so it's time we explained why as well as told you a bit more about ourselves.

Some of you might know that there are two of us running www.kindlivingsupermarket.com: Renata and Norbert. Obviously with the help of our ginger fur baby – Simba! Who always works vey hard...

Norbert is a Hungarian guy working as a telecommunications engineer and he is the technical drive force of our shop. So any problems with the website or your orders processing, please drop him a line. He will answer very quickly as he is super organised :-). He came to the UK after we met online over 11 years ago and we’ve stayed together ever since! He is one of the most modest and minimalistic people (if you can say that about a person) I know and now, in the times when we should really think about what and how we consume the products we buy, I keep learning from him! Obviously he has lots to learn from me, too, e.g. how to tidy the house ;-).

I am a Polish girl who has now lived and worked in the UK for 14 years. I came to England straight after finishing English Studies and after a while I started working here as a special needs teacher. I do like learning, so decided to also study audiovisual translation and got qualified as a translator – subtitler. I later continued my studies and last year I obtained a PhD degree in accessibility – subtitling for deaf and hard of hearing people. That would explain why I was so quiet on kindlivingsupermarket social media. Managing my writing in the final stages, the shop and working at school at the same time was a tricky balancing act! Not that I complain. I always believe that we are the masters of our own lives and in a large part can design them as we wish :-).

A few years back I started to have gastrointestinal problems, which led to a simple operation. However, it didn't go very well and I continued to struggle with this for another two years. In the meantime I was researching best diets for the problems I was having, and, no surprise there, I stumbled upon the WFPB (whole food plant-based) diet. I started to implement the changes, whilst researching the topic more. I watched documentaries, read research papers, books and couldn't believe all this information hadn’t reached me before. Moreover, while I watched the films (What the Health, Cowspiracy, Forks over knives, etc. ) with Norbert, it became clear to us that it was no longer only health issue for us, but also a moral one. As we had our adopted cat, we realised that he was no different to all the animals we had been eating, he just looked different. Isn’t it the same with people? We all look different, we are different, but it doesn't mean that we should not all be treated with respect and have the same rights. We knew we needed to change something. We started exploring the principles of veganism and very aligned with them straightaway. Do the least harm possible to any sentient being, or, in the words of the Vegan Society, “[…]exclude—as far as is possible and practicable—all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose; and by extension, promotes the development and use of animal-free alternatives for the benefit of animals, humans and the environment. In dietary terms it denotes the practice of dispensing with all products derived wholly or partly from animals”.

All the pieces of the puzzle started to come together for us – veganism was and is the optimal way to live for the sake of our fellow animals, the planet and us – humans (especially if we follow WFPB diet). The change in diet and our lifestyle led to establishing www.kindlivivingsupermarket.com in 2018. We aim for it to be a place where people who want to change to a more conscious way of living can find all their essentials that are cruelty-free, vegan and ethically produced. We want to support small companies, so you will only find products from less known brands that with their work want to make a change and show customers that ethical shopping is possible.

As a lot of new small companies, we still work in our other jobs, but try to do everything we can our customers’ shopping experience with us is the best it can be, so that they continue to support small ethical businesses. We know we always will be by buying from them at vegan festivals or online and following their journeys on social media. 

If you have any questions about us or about www.kindlivingsupermarket.com, please reach out by commenting under this post, by email (hello@kindlivingsupermarket.com), or on social media:

FACEBOOK: https://facebook.com/kindlivingsupermarket

INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/kindlivingsupermarket

Stay well!


P.S. For all the superheroes that read this post till the end, we have an offer. Please follow us on IG or FB and comment under the post WHO RUNS KINDLIVINGSUPERMARKET about when and why you have chosen to shop ethically and we'll send you a unique discount code.


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